Top 4 Fish Species To Explore On a Cabo San Lucas Fishing Trip

The world class hospitality and state-of-the-art accommodation make Cabo San Lucas the best destination to ensure optimal holiday experiences. Amongst all activities across Cabo San Lucas, deep sea fishing is the most popular one that explorers choose more often. In fact, the peaceful waters, the cool weather and a huge variety of fish species add to maximize your experience.

When it comes to fishing in Cabo San Lucas, keep in mind that it’s an exciting as well as relaxing activity. It can give you ample amount of time to collect your valuable thoughts and unwind yourself after a night of drinking and dancing. With a huge assortment of over 500 fish species in Cabo San Lucas, you are sure to come across one that will make a great photograph for holidays.

Where Do You Start Fishing Trip In Cabo San Lucas:

The Sea of Cortez is home home to a wide variety of marine species. The deep sea fishing experiences you will find here is certainly not comparable to anywhere around the world. Several fish species are available quite close to the shores of the Baja Peninsula.

Top Varieties Of Fish In Cabo San Lucas:

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is much more than catching just the fish. In fact, you can relax yourself on a beautiful yacht while waiting for the fish to take the bait. When you are on an excursion in Cabo San Lucas, you may spot dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and whales. Besides, you will spot a large variety of fish; some of them are discussed below:


This multi-colored, ray-finned fish is a great catch, when you are in Cabo. As per the suggestions of marine food lovers, this fish often makes a delicious meal. The fish has a measurement of 6 feet 9 inches and weight up to 87 pounds. If you want to catch a Dorado, you need to be prepared to tackle some acrobatic leaps in order to make the dolphins nearer to them envious.

Dorado Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Striped Marlin:

Marlin has a measurement of around 12 to 15 inches and fed mostly on tuna. Once they are dead, they will eventually develop a stripe along their length.

Yellowfin Tuna:

It has a measurement of 8 inches and makes a delicious meal. This fish has an intense tinge of gold, yellow and blue. Yellowfin Tuna is well-known for battling for freedom till the last breath. So, if you happen to catch one, you should be prepared for a big fight.

Yellowfin Tuna in Cabo San Lucas


Sailfish has a measurement of 10 feet and weight of 180 pounds. It’s quite hard one to catch easily. You will need yo tire the fish to inactivity if you want to get it close to your boat. This fish really tastes good, if you eat it smoked.

Sailfish in Cabo San Lucas


If you are planning a holiday with full of thrill and excitement, you can choose excursions available for deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas on Lands End Charter. If adventure or catching really the big ones appeal you the most, then our deep sea fishing is just for you!

For more information about our fishing trip and vehicles, please make a visit to our website today or call us online without any hesitation!

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