What to Expect from your Fishing Trip in Cabo San Lucas?

Are you planning for a successful fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Do you want to enjoy an exciting and fun filled fishing trip on the waters surrounding Cabo? Then please read on!

You will be delighted to know that one of the most prolific anglers of all times, Zane Grey has described the sport fishing potential of Cabo San Lucas in his bestselling book-“Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas”. It is known that every angler visiting Cabo San Lucas will be thrilled with the variety of species available on local fishing trips. The sport fishing grounds of Cabo San Lucas are virtually loaded with fish and the area proves to be the best spot for enjoying a memorable and productive fishing trip.

Great Fishing Trip Rick

Most Important Thing to Remember:

To enjoy a successful and exciting fishing trip, you should not forget to get the fishing license. You must be aware that a valid Mexican Sport fishing License is mandatory for any non-resident 13 years or older aboard a fishing vessel. Whether you want to enjoy rooster fishing or marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas, a valid fishing license will make your trip a safe and legal one. You can easily purchase a valid fishing license at the docks the morning of your trip or Lands end Charters can purchase your licenses in advance of the trip. You can purchase daily,  weekly,  or year long fishing license.

Take with you Some Food and Water:

It is important for you to take along something to eat and drink before heading out for your fishing trip in the morning. There are stores open early at the Cabo marina where you can buy some sandwiches, snacks and drinks. With a reputable Cabo fishing trip provider, you will get the opportunity to purchase a boxed lunch and enjoy drinks like Mexican beer, soda and bottled water.

Cabo fishing trip provider

What is the Fishing Method?

Many people ask how fish are caught in the waters of Cabo San Lucas, the answer is 99.9 percent of the fishing is done by using trolling methods. In trolling method, live bait and teasers are used to attract fish. Whether it is inshore or deep sea fishing, trolling is used as the most successful fishing method rather than dropping anchors for fishing. The big fish, especially bill fish are used to chasing bait and trolling mimics a bait fish or school in the water. This produces the most strikes for species like Marlin, Sail Fish, Dorado, Wahoo and others.

You can enjoy a safe, exciting, fun filled and successful fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas with Lands End Charters. Our main objective is to make your Cabo fishing trip a memorable one. With us, you will get lower rates on Cabo fishing trips and reliable assistance of extremely experienced local fishing crews, which will make your trip  productive.

Please feel free to contact us today at 800-281- 5778 (Toll Free, English speaking staff). Stay social with us on: Facebook, Twitter


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