Book Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing Trips for World Class Experience

Sport fishing is what that draws many people to the Mexican port city Cabo San Lucas for many decades. The cool Pacific Ocean meets with the Sea of Cortez at this exclusive location toward the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, which is giving unlimited pleasure of beach vacation and creating a distinctive ecosystem of about 800 marine species. The large quantity of fish and other marine life have become the ultimate attraction of Cabo San Lucas and put it on the global tourists’ list long ago. To explore the best opportunities for Cabo San Lucas sport fishing people still come to visit this place year –round.

The Whata Journey and Photography

The large number of big game sport fish found in Cabo San Lucas, and the amazing variety of local fishes available for fishing throughout the year, attract water sport fans from every walk of life and each level of expertise. Since famous as the “Marlin Capital”, you can surely enjoy catching more of this kind of fish in Cabo San Lucas than any other tropical or temperate location in the world. With a well maintained fleet of Carbo San Lucas fishing charters in different sizes and rates, you can be sure of getting a world class experience of Cabo Sun Lucas sport fishing in your lifetime.

Choosing for a Cabo San Lucas sport fishing trip gives you the fun option to catch both small and large fish of your dream, and enjoy the good memories of a sport that was meant for the elite and wealthy before. It is getting far more reasonable these days, so almost everyone can experience the luxury of travelling in a Carbo Lucas sport fishing charter, and have the best opportunity to sightseeing Cabo San Lucas and its great background, and the spectacular sights of the oceanic life spreading all across the sea, including swimming dolphins and whales.

Blue Marlin Swordfish

For sport fishing trips, remember to carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat, and protect yourself from getting sunburn injuries. You can have the flexibility to bring food for your lunch or get it supplied by the Cabo Lucas fishing charters operator and bring your camera to click the memories of your catch! Additionally, using dry ice or a cooler at the marina will be a great idea if you want to pack the fishes and take them to the home.

For your fishing outing, you will have to purchase and use live bait, which can be procured  from any of the bait suppliers around the marina. If you are booking a Cabo Sun Lucas fishing charter for an 8-hour long day fishing trip, you will have to contact different charter operators and bargain with them to find the best deals and facilities for the day. Most deals will come included with fishing licenses, an experienced crew, and some dry ice for preserving your catches. Others include a collection of baits on board, and some will offer latest equipments, and oblige to clean and chill your catch for cooking in the future.

Experience of Salt Water Fishing

Cabo San Lucas sport fishing trip with Lands End Charters can turn out to be a lifetime experience that you should never miss.  Together with a well maintained fleet of Cabo San Lucas fishing charters and experienced crews and captains, it will allow you to live excellent memories. If you are looking to make great stories of your sport fishing adventure with dorado, marlin, tuna,  or the most prized blue marlin, Lands End Charters has perfect Cabo San Lucas fishing charters to cover you! Call it at 1-800-281-5778 to book one of its Cabo charters today!

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